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As one of Jamaica's top radio stations, Kool 97 is the go-to choice for many listeners seeking a blend of musical genres and engaging content. The station's lineup includes a mix of timeless classics, reggae hits, and modern tracks, ensuring there's something for everyone. Alongside its diverse music selection, Kool 97 also offers captivating talk shows that delve into various topics, keeping listeners informed and entertained.

Featuring a talented team of hosts who are passionate about Jamaican culture, Kool 97 consistently delivers high-quality programming that resonates with its audience. Whether you're tuning in for the music or the engaging discussions, Kool 97 is sure to provide an enjoyable listening experience for both local and international listeners.

Categories:  Variety

Frequencies Kool 97

Bamboo: 97.1 FM

Kingston: 97.1 FM

Trinity Ville: 97.1 FM


Website:  kool97fm.com/

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