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When it comes to radio stations that truly represent the heart and soul of Jamaica, FAME FM stands out. This station, a staple in many Jamaican homes, offers a rich blend of content that resonates with the local audience. From the latest reggae hits to insightful talk shows, FAME FM is a reflection of the vibrant Jamaican culture.

What sets FAME FM apart is its commitment to the community. The station not only provides entertainment but also serves as a platform for discussions on issues that matter to Jamaicans. Its programming is a testament to its deep understanding of the local culture and its dedication to serving its audience. With FAME FM, you're not just tuning into a radio station, you're becoming part of a community.

Categories:  Pop Music

Frequencies FAME FM

Kingston: 95.1 FM


Website:  fame95fm.com/


32 Lyndhurst Road Kingston, Jamaica


+1 876 926 1100

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