Unwrapped Sex

Unwrapped Sex

Julie SauTo

The bilingual podcast (english & spanish) dedicated to the research and dissemination of information and knowledge related to sexology, delivered objectively without the wraps of taboos nor shame. In a nutshell, the basics of a healthy and more pleasurable sex life. Expect a new episode every two Thursdays, one in english and one in spanish with the exact same information. For more, visit: unwrappedsex.com

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Our first round table!! Julie was joined by Unwrapped Sex's audio engineer Félix and her friend Álvaro for them to talk about their experience with marijuana and how is it to mix this substance with sex. All of this, without leaving behind scientific studies and facts. THC, CBD, sperm production, pain relief and even consent were some of the many aspects that were discussed. Don't miss it and make sure to follow us on Instagram: @unwrappedsex :) Listen to Álvaro's music: Vive Elena Visit: Bellesa plus for the Netflix of ethical porn.

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